What's cytoHubba?

cytoHubba is a Java plugin for Cytoscape, a facilitated platform for the analysis and visualization of molecular interaction networks based on our previous web application, Hubba.

cytoHubba provides a user-friendly interface to analyze topology of protein-protein interaction networks, such as human, yeast, fly etc. Users can obtain not only the identified nodes (also called essential nodes) with scores from calculation but the subnetwork composed of these nodes by utilizing cytoHubba in Cytoscape.

These essential nodes may serve as candidates of drug-targets for developing novel therapy of human diseases, such as cancer or infectious disease caused by emerging pathogens. The subnetwork of these essential nodes may help us get a more precise insight into the functions and how they collaborate together.

Since the analysis methods of cytoHubba are designed based on topology, it can be applied to other kinds of networks, such as networks in yeast, rat, mouse and human. The clues revealed from network topological analysis will provide a new sight for experimental biologists.



Current Version

Release 1.6, April, 2012

System Requirements

The plugin works with Cytoscape 2.6 or above, which requires Java 1.5 or above

Download, Documentation and Tutorial

You can install the program via the plug-in manager of cytoscape or download the latest version of cytoHubba from here.

You can obtain more information about how to use it at here, and supplementary at here